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Who We Are


“Our VISION is to operate American Medical Solutions as an ethical, independent, profitable and privately owned organization for years to come.”



“Our MISSION is to dedicate our careers to providing optimal medical care solutions by harnessing cutting edge technology without compromising quality or integrity of care.”



American Medical Solutions is rooted in core beliefs and guiding principles that began at the inception of incorporation. Patient information security is the primary concern. The integrity of AMS and its officers will not sacrifice privacy or security today for profits tomorrow.


Being a privately-held company, AMS has built a client base one satisfied client at a time. The managed approach to growth has allowed for profitability and freedom from debt. There are no outside influences manipulating important decisions or distracting focus from the clients to Wall Street. Decisions are made based upon direct experiences within the medical community. Not all clients are the same and typically have differing needs. AMS has a proven reputation for adapting their successful approach to accommodate wide-ranging requirements.





American Medical Solutions is a nationwide provider of integrated physician services and solutions. The company's offerings include comprehensive solutions that enable medical practices to more efficiently and cost effectively schedule, capture, bill and report patient data.


HeliosMD and HeliosND, the non-proprietary EMR software, is used by a wide range of medical specialties. Family Practices to General Surgeons are capitalizing on the affordability and functionality of Helios. All aspects of the healthcare institutions are streamlined and accounted for with Helios, assisting physicians to see an average of 20% more patients and ensures error-free claims submission.


American Medical Solutions is the industry leader in Arizona for Attending Physician Statement acquisition and distribution. Clearing Houses throughout the nation rely on AMS to accurately and expediently scan records at any medical practice throughout Arizona. The records are then delivered to clients by uploading directly to their server through FTP file transfer. Of course, all information is sent securely as well as HIPAA compliant.


Over 100 physicians rely on AMS to manage their Release of Information (ROI) and record retention. Changing from a paper-based atmosphere to a cost efficient digital environment has helped clients save time and money by outsourcing this tedious, but necessary, practice function.


Similar to all businesses, medical practices can experience an overload of work accompanied by a staff that is in short supply. AMS has gained an unmatched network of readily available, temporary medical office employees. Billing assistance specialists to registered nurses are accessible through the staffing program. All payroll, taxes and accreditation confirmations are managed by AMS facilitating assistance on site and without troubling paperwork.