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American Medical Solutions believes the best way to develop EHR and Practice Management Software is to work closely with those in the medical community that would interact with such software. In the 12 years of providing medical solutions AMS built a vast network of doctors, nurse practitioners, office managers, pharmacists and others in the medical community. These business partners where asked to consult with us and offer knowledge, experience and know-how. With the help of many years of sharing ideas, critiquing and feedback, AMS and partner consults designed and developed HeliosMD.


HeliosMD, which was built from the ground up, is an all all-in-one system inclusive of practice management, document management and medical records. Your office will be provided with an automated and streamlined workflow allowing comprehensive, expedient and meticulous monitoring of patient activity from administrative, financial and clinical review.

In addition to enhancing quality of care, HeliosMD maximizes business results by providing patient financial services and business administration departments with the ability to quickly view, edit, and electronically distributes patient charts, as well as non-patient related documents and folders. Plus, users find that the powerful workflow tools provide fast processing of patient bills, correspondence to payors and patients, as well as easy tracking of all business documents from the centralized document and information repository. Bottom line: faster chart turnaround means reduction in accounts receivable days


Reduces Costs and Expenses

  • Reduce coding costs

  • Minimize clerical staff costs

  • Eradicate chart access and filing costs

  • Eliminate paper storage costs

  • Optimizes data analysis and research review

  • Minimize paper, toner and other office supply costs

Increase Revenues

  • Optimize efforts of all clinical staff

  • Accelerate patient flow with rapid documentation and immediate access to data

  • Provides automated and precise coding once encounter is approved

  • Shorten Accounts Receivable days

  • Provides improved referral management

  • Receive insurance eligibility confirmation

Improves Quality of Patient

  • Improves the quality of physician notes

  • Provides fast access and quick review of all patient data

  • Customizable patient education pieces

  • Find patients that are in reference to alerts, warnings and recalls

Reduces Risks

  • Produces a complete high quality patient chart

  • Ensures coding compliance and reduces audit risks

  • Provides sophisticated security and controlled access to patient data

  • Improves HIPAA compliance

  • Provides automatic drug interactions and reaction alerts

Technological Advantages

  • HeliosMD uses Multi-layered extendable architecture based on Microsoft .NET technology, which provides you more flexibility to manage current, as well as future, requirements in healthcare industry. Using a non-proprietary based system, data is easily exported and not held by any outside vendor. The data is yours!

  • HeliosMD uses optimized database implementation for best through put, which provides you better performance.

  • HeliosMD is available on the Internet, which enables system user to access information from anywhere at anytime.

  • HeliosMD uses protocols such as XML, HL7 and text interfaces that make it more extensible to integrate with insurance clearing houses and labs and also with other third party software.

  • HeliosMD uses an environment through which user can do everything from within the system. The environment also supports to add on multiple specialties as per need. One system runs the entire practice.



  • HeliosMD provides an intelligent scheduling system with the ability to handle multiple physicians and procedures. Appointments can be requested online by the patient through the patient portal and can be approved at the click of a button. Color coding procedures and setting fixed procedure agendas are examples of the versatility of the scheduling function.


  • Customizable encounter platform allows the physician the ability to organize the interaction and maximize the data collection methods the physician has grown accustomed to. This allows the EMR to integrate to your method of practicing medicine and proves less interruption to your current office protocols


  • Having the ability to export charges, assign fee schedules, assign co-pay amounts, reconcile patient accounts, provide patient statements, and report on specific occurrences in billing provide a better analysis as to where deficiencies exist in the practice. At a time when reimbursements are declining, any adequate system should be able to help efficiently maximize payments and lower time waiting on a check. HeliosMD has the ability to send to any payer and patient statements can be run through our billing process.


  • Giving the clinician the ability to prescribe medications with the click of a button electronically allows for accurate medication management. HeliosMD has the ability to link up with any pharmacy or we can customize our interface for use with an internal pharmacy or mail order options.

E&M Code Assistance

  • Allowing the user to reference guidelines for Evaluation and Management Assistance maximizes the payment for services rendered. Make sure you are getting paid for the work you are doing.

Clinical Documentation

  • Helping maintain the accurate collection and distribution of patient data with minimal button clicks provides the physician with better management of patient data.

Workflow Manager

  • The dashboard of your practice will allow all team members to view today’s appointments, upcoming events, pending appointment requests (submitted through the patient portal), pending lab orders, patient visit progress, current visit progress, pending encounter request and the email inbox of the person signed in at that particular time.

LabOrder and Results

  • Interfaced with the major lab organizations. Our lab portal provides a single point of contact for lab ordering and result review. The ability to manage these lab interactions with minimal effort resulting is better patient care and optimized efficiency.

Triage Notes

  • Allowing common triage documentation saved directly to the patient file including but not limited to phone messages and email sent to, from and about the patient. Again giving the clinician a better understanding of the type of care needed.

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Nearly every bite of information that is within the HeliosMD software can be reported. If you are gathering information to support a philosophy or theory you will get the information you need. Case studies and HEDIS reporting are streamlined using this feature.

User Roles and Security

  • Exceeding HIPAA level security. HeliosMD uses role based permissions and provides a security level matched by governmental and banking industries. Administrators can allow certain specific rights down to a specific button click. Want the user to be able to view a piece of data and not edit it? Or want the user to be able to adjust a charge but not delete? It can be done with HeliosMD's role based permission.

Patient Portal

  • Allowing patients access to certain areas of the system allowing requests for scheduling, communication to administrative staff and interaction via the web provides a lower operating cost and efficient documenting of patient interactions.

Patient Registration

  • Flexible registration methods enable practices to collect a wealth of patient demographic, insurance, and guarantor information and to accommodate unique patient preferences for laboratory, pharmacy or hospitals.

  • Comprehensive demographic data and customizable user defined codes can be utilized to facilitate research, statistical analysis, clinical trials, and population trends. HeliosMD was designed to meet the stringent requirements and complexities of the United States billing system. Multiple insurance companies, guarantors and plans can be defined and ranked for each patient facilitating co-payments of claims and improving reimbursement levels. HeliosMD practice management interface allows you to exchange patient data with your billing system, therefore eliminating the need for double entry.

  • Accommodates multiple insurance plans and benefit information.

  • Store multiple contacts and guarantors’ information

  • Stores patient photo, insurance card image and signatures

  • Interfaces with other systems for automatic import and export

Peer to Peer Messaging

  • The in-house messaging center allows for instant communication between office employees. You are no longer required to send a message with a different application and explain the who, what and why. Inter-office emails will assist in eliminating errors caused by delays in communication. Access time sensitive information and immediate notification of incoming faxes, referral letters and lab results. The provider can review messages anytime, any place.