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Some reports shop the average missing file cost $120 in lost productivity. The average document is copied 19 times and many of these copies are filed. 7.5% of all documents are misfiled and 3% are lost.

There are many problems facing hard chart file business methods. Aside from the impact on mother nature, paper files increase cost, reduce productivity and reduce efficiency resulting in higher workload and higher operating cost. Most physicians will benefit by scanning your files onto CD ROM or other storage media. No longer will a physicians office have to pay unreasonable storage, retrieval and re-file costs associated with document storage services. Documents are available at your fingertips on any windows operating system.

Digital Imaging has become an innovative, efficient and cost effective way to manage mass amounts of information.The imaging process is the most significant business tool since the copy machine replaced carbon paper by allowing mass quantities of information to be stored in a central location. Digital imaging improves distribution of information to multiple locations (the same file can be viewed by multiple users at different locations locally or globally).

Digital Imaging decreases storage costs by eliminating on site rooms currently being used for storage can now be utilized for a process to increase revenue. Some physicians have added exam rooms in locations that once held boxes of archived files now allowing them to utilize this space to see patients and increase revenue.

Document retrieval is simple and efficient. With our customizable comprehensive indexing procedure, tens of thousands of documents can searched in seconds allowing for the immediate retrieval and viewing of required documents. No longer will your staff have to go to a storage site to retrieve files all can be done at any workstation having the windows operating system allowing for the print, email, fax or other common document management function.

Copies of all electronic documents can be stored safely on servers as well as off site, protecting a company's records and existence in the event of a disaster or other unforeseen event where back up is vital. Allowing American Medical Solutions to develop a "document record retention program" you can be assured your files will be deemed authentic. This program will help to insure the acceptance of imaged information or data as a legal and binding document.