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Release of information is a very complex and tedious task. With the constantly changing and confusing legislation, American Medical Solutions can help maintain HIPAA compliance and assure patient protected health information is released to the correct parties after necessary documentation is obtained. Requests for medical records are checked for State Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, legality, authenticity and validity.

Let American Medical Solutions manage your day to day release of information needs accurately, professionally, and promptly while maintaining a HIPAA compliant, secure and confidential procedure allowing for your staff to address the most important issue; your patient care.

Our release of information team will process your medical record requests without disrupting your workflow or asking you to change your procedure for medical requested information. By processing all requests for medical information including patient, physician, attorney (processing both subpoena and non subpoena), insurance company, DES, or other authorized requesters no longer will non authorized or disruptive "outsiders" need to disrupt your office.

Let American Medical Solutions absorb the cost and time expense of copying requests that your medical records department is currently bearing.